don’t get your hopes up…just thought it would be a cute title! Well, maybe I can give a lil “101” on it.

The kids and I went on our last field trip for the school year…to Tanaka Farms. Best trip ever! I mean BEST! I had so much fun! oh, and I think the kids did too 🙂

So we started our adventure on the school bus, their very first ride on a bus! How exciting is that for a lil one. My daughter was so weirded out about sitting in a “normal” seat WITHOUT seat belts that she held on to my arm for half of the drive. When we arrived at the farm, we began our tour on a wagon pulled by a tractor. Does not get more exciting than that…if you’re a lil boy.

may tanaka farm field trip 008.jpg rs

Along the tour, they stopped and passed out organic veggies (green beans, celery, carrots, snap peas, green onions!) for everyone to try. The best part…if you didn’t want it, you were instructed to throw it overboard! LOVE it! Wish we could do that at home and someone else could clean it up.

may tanaka farm field trip 009.jpg rs

The last leg of the tour…the magical moment…pick your own ORGANIC strawberries. My kids went to town! Here is how you pick them: You grab one strawberry with one hand and with your other hand, you twist as close as you can near the base (where the stem meets the leaves). You twist until the strawberry is released. OR if you have toddlers AND a camera AND a basket and NO HELP, then you just use your nails to cut the stem!

may tanaka farm field trip 015.jpg rs

If you’re lucky, this is what you get. A basket full of bright red, juicy, ORGANIC strawberries! And if you’re fast like me, you can fill your basket, eat just about that much, and pass strawberries to your kids during the 15 minutes you are allotted.

They will be having a watermelon tour some time in July, which is suppose to be even more fantastic. Too bad I hate the heat. Heat plus porta potties…not a good thing.

big sis