The past weekend was full of exciting things…b-day party, mother’s day dinner, presents, and e-mails! you know, the e-mails that you anxiously wait for, the ones that make you refresh your computer every few minutes, the ones that make you and your sis text back and forth. oh…is it just me?

So it looks like the craziness will continue way into the summer. We’ve been accepted to be vendors at Handmade Brigade and the Renegade Craft Fair!!! I honestly don’t know how we are going to do it and I’m thinking we over-extended ourselves. Lil sis is already getting stressed and my brain has become…mush. Should it be this stressful? Even I, who is SO organized that it’s sickening (according to my husband), feel that this is not doable. What to do? Nevertheless, it is awesome news!

the poor ol’ shop…looks like we won’t be updating the shop until after the fairs.

Let the sew fest begin!

big sis

Update: We pulled ourselves out of Handmade Brigade 😦 So sad but needed to do for our own sanity.