I’m planning a baby shower with some of my other friends for my bestie (just saw this word used on fb).  She’s having a girl!  As big sis noted in her previous post, I’m getting a bit anxious thinking about all the events coming up…craft fairs, baby shower, bridal shower, two summer weddings, and a bach party.  I’ve been keeping a journal of what I need to accomplish on a weekly basis or else I know I’ll get behind.  It’s nice to be busy but with my lil one starting on solids and knowing that I’ll be gone for a day cause of the bach party, I’ve now added making Lila’s food and pumping to my nightly routine.

Anyhow, back to the tutorial…I wanted something simple and cute for the invitation and here is the end result:


Sorry for the poor quality of the pic!

This was fairly easy to make except for the elephants’ tails.  They were a bit tricky because I braided each one individually.


  • Bazzill Cardstock in Neutral
  • Melissa Frances Order Paper
  • Vellum
  • Patterned paper for the elephants (mine are mini polka dots in pink)
  • Martha Stewart’s Elephant Punch
  • Embroidery Thread in green
  • Zots 3-D Glue Dots
  • Corner Punch
  • Glue Stick
  • Paper Cutter


1.)  Cut your cardstock according to the size desired with a paper cutter or rotary trimmer.

2.)  Cut your background paper 1/4″ less on all sides so that you can see the cardstock.

3.)  Print out your invitation on the vellum.  I was able to fit four invitations on one piece of vellum so I didn’t have to waste much of the paper.  Cut your vellum a little less than the background paper.  The vellum is see through, so it doesn’t matter if it’s 1/4″ or less because you will be able to see the background regardless.  *Note that you need to leave 1.5″ above the wording because this space will be for the elephants.

4.)  Punch out your elephants from your patterned paper.

5.)  Get your embroidery thread and cut a 10″ piece.  I realized that if I cut more than that, it was hard to braid. Make a knot at the top and separate your thread in three sections.  Tape the knot on the edge of a table and start braiding.  Did you ever make friendship bracelets?  If so, you’ll know that it’s easier to braid when it’s taped to an edging.  When you get to the end of the braid, knot it secure.  Measure about 3/4″ from the top and make a knot.  You will continue to do this until you get several tails.  Repeat this step till you get the desired amount of tails.

6.)  Glue your papers (cardstock, background, vellum) together with your glue stick.

7.)  For each elephant and tail, I used one Zots glue. Make sure you place the dot in the perfect position because these dots are no joke…they are sticky lil suckers!  Place the tail on the glue dot then your punched elephant on top. You may want to start with the middle elephant just so you can be sure they are centered.  After all the elephants and tails are glued, use your fingers to place the tails under the trunks of the adjacent elephant (so it looks like they are holding “hands”…you know what I mean).

8.)  Punch all four corners with the corner punch and voila, you’re done!


***Fonts used:  Little Days (cursive) and Century Schoolbook***

lil sis