Remember Mervyn’s? Well, way back when when it was closing, my in-laws (who happen to be “mall walkers”) would visit almost daily to check out their kitchen accessories. Who knew why? They stopped cooking since my mother-in-law retired (almost 4 years ago!). It turns out they were scoping out the stand mixers. They would give me updates…about how much it went down, how many were left, so forth. Little did I know that they were eyeing it for me. Have I told you how sweet my in-laws are??? Long story short…they missed their opportunity and by the time everything in Mervyn’s was 75% off, the last stand mixer was snatched!

Fast forward to the present. NONE of us are very good at keeping secrets. Last week my in-laws asked what color mixer I would want and normally I wouldn’t accept such an expensive present but they insisted and my husband picked the color he thought I would like. Who am I to say no 🙂 This has got to be one of the bestest b-day presents EVER (and my b-day is 3 weeks away!)

My very first

kitchen aid mixer 003

Isn’t she so purty?

Today, I broke it in by making chocolate chip cookies.

kitchen aid mixer 004

Can I just say…TOTAL TIME SAVER!!! From going to mixing by hand (or having my husband mix) to hand mixer to now my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer…I cannot tell you how much I’m in love right now.

big sis