During one of our mommy and me classes at the library, I decided to check out the craft section. I couldn’t believe my eyes…they carry Japanese craft books! OK, so they only have a handful of books but how awesome is that! Now I may not be able to read any of it, but I can still ooh and aah. One of the books I borrowed (and one of my favorites) is this one

design collection 002

Isn’t the cover so cute and inviting? It’s an embroidery book that also incorporates felt and fabric. SO. VERY. CUTE. It’s these little things that get me going.

Lil sis and I wanted to let you know that we pulled ourselves out of Handmade Brigade. We thought long and hard about it and it was a difficult decision especially since we have done the last 2 but there was just NO WAY to do all 3 fairs without one of us losing it. and losing it in a BIG WAY! Still definitely check it out! This summer’s Handmade Brigade is the biggest one they’ve had so far!

Big sis