I park my car and walk as quickly as I can (without looking like I’m in a race to beat out the other suckas in the lot who will inevitably end up behind me!) to the back of the line. There is a line out the door and after standing in it for a minute or so, I ask the man in front of me if this is the line to check in. He looks at me kinda in shock (don’t know why. I’m hoping I didn’t have anything on my face. couldn’t have b/c I got my face ALL DECKED OUT. on a normal day, you will find me with NO makeup, au natural…I tell myself!) I approach the front door and with my 20/20 eyesight (yes, I’m very much proud of that!) I can see from a distance a small sign that says if you have already made an appt, you can bypass the front counter. ugh! man in front of me either did NOT make an appt or had all the time in the world to stand in tons of lines today! Here is the absolute FUN part!

employee: (no hello or eye contact) do you have an appt?

me: yes at 9.

employee: last name

me: (name is hyphenated so I spell it out as quickly as I can, expecting her to have me repeat it anyways. always happens.)

employee: (she finds it rather quickly to my surprise) look at the monitor and wait for your number to be called

me: any monitor? (should I know this? does everybody know this?)

employee: (ignores me and calls next person in line)

geez! Good thing I’m a smart girl! I sit myself down and I can still hear her…the anger in her voice…the irritation at 9 in the morning (when the place opened up at 8!) and I start to think to myself, why is this lady so unhappy? Then…here’s the sad part. A man walks up and cannot speak any English. She gives him a vision test and he clearly does NOT understand the instructions. The lady behind him spoke his language so she helped him out but he just could not get it together. Not thrilled that she has to repeat herself, talk louder and slowly she says “you moved the card away from your eye and asked a question, that’s cheating!”. He fails.

The joys of being at the DMV.

I hope I will not have to go back for another few years.

big sis