Unlike big sis who has been good about updating our blog, I’ve been on a major hiatus.

Hubs and I were super busy this weekend hosting a bbq for close friends.  I purposely made the bbq for lunch to cater to my daughter’s bedtime at 7pm, and the bbq actually lasted 12 hours.  No joke!  The big Cleveland vs. Orlando game was on that night, and then my dining table turned into a poker table.  I was a good host…didn’t kick anyone out.  Surprisingly Lila went to bed by 7pm and never made a peep.  Poor thing, she must have been that tired.

A fellow baby mama bought me the cutest apron set from Anthro as a housewarming gift.  Can’t believe hubs was nice enough to model the mini version.IMG_2304Wish I was a baker.  Maybe I’ll have to start learning, so we can wear our aprons together.  “We” meaning me and Lila!!!

Now that the bbq is over, I really need to start focusing on finishing up H’s baby shower prep which is in two weeks!  I’m keeping pics of stuff I have created.  I just can’t post because my friend might read this…don’t want to risk it.  Also, I too have been super busy making goodies for the Renegade which is coming up in about five weeks!


hehe, faceless dolls are funny to me so here is a peek at my stash.  After this batch, I’m off to making drawstring bags!

-lil sis