but in a not-so-scary…in a very cute way…if possible. Geez, maybe I shouldn’t have used that title.

I’m so close to the finish line. I can see it but only from a distance…a FAR distance. remember, I have 20/20! SO CLOSE but so far. All right, enough; you get the picture. I spent yesterday afternoon painting and this is what we all looked like.

renegade dolls 004

well…minus me b/c as you can see, there was no room for me to lay down with them! I just have to get them fitted for shoes and accessories. sigh. the tough part.

renegade dolls 005.jpg rs

They are all waiting their turn. Even this sight gives me the heebie jeebies. I started thinking…”what if my house floods? then all my hard work will go down the drain”. I know, get a hold of yourself! For now, this will be their resting spot.

I’m moving on to another project. for now.

The twins and I will be attending our final class at the library. There is no denying it, our library has to be one of the most beautiful libraries of them all! granted, I have not been to too many 🙂 It is bittersweet. We have been with this librarian (aka as “teacher” to the kids) for the past 2 years and it was our first mommy-and-me class. I’m already getting all sappy about these classes coming to an end and they are my kids’ classes! What will happen when my twins started Kinder?

big sis