Yay ~ the baby shower was a success!  The baby mama had a great time, and that’s all I was hoping for.

Now on to the pics…

I made different shades of pink and green tissue pom-poms.  Tutorial can be found here on Martha Stewart’s site.  They even sell MS pom-pom kits at Wal-Mart and other selective stores, but they usually only come in certain colors.


Emily Sign – made out of cardstock and plain white computer paper.  I used Century Schoolbook font in like a 600 font size!  The pinwheel looking things are called paper rosettes, and you can find the tutorial here on the Paper Source website.  IMG_2564emily

Diaper cake –

IMG_2500diaper cake

Flower Centerpiece –  I absolutely love peonies!  I was so happy to see that Trader Joe’s sold them!  I mixed peonies with a bunch of white/green flowers.  I wish I took a picture of them before they bloomed because they looked like ugly white balls, and after two days, they opened up to these beautiful butterfly looking flowers!


Baby Mobile – made this out of patterned cardstock, clear wire, glue, circle cutter, and the wooden circle that is holding everything together is an embroidery hoop.  This was very inexpensive to make; it just took some time.  The wire cost me $.99 at Wal-Mart, and the embroidery hoop was $1.79.  I wanted to incorporate the elephants from the invitation, so I drew a bigger version of the elephant and used that as my template.  If you don’t have a circle cutter, just draw one by free hand and use that as your template to cut others.  The possibilities are endless!


Food – assorted mini sandwiches, smoked salmon on crackers, green salad, fruit salad, pita chips/hummus, veggie dip,  cheese and crackers, mini cupcakes, and Izze drinks.  My girlfriend made cute pink and green signs for the food and stuck them on bamboo skewers.  I don’t have a picture of the favors, but we made chocolate dipped strawberries and wrapped them up in cellophane.



Fruit salad in a baby carriage – I cut out the watermelon the morning of because of the lack of fridge space, but I heard you could do this the night before.  The how-to can be found here.  This was a hit!  Great conversation piece 🙂

IMG_2537fruit saladOne of the games we played was the “Match as many pairs of baby socks”, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  If you need a good ice-breaker game, I highly recommend this one!  We could not stop laughing watching each person fumble with these tiny socks.  The mommy to be actually won this game with the grand total of 15 matched socks at 40 seconds.

All you need is 25 pairs of baby socks (or less and just shorten the amount of time), a stopwatch, a basket to mix the socks, and a pair of adult socks.  Ask the mommy to be to fold the pair of adult socks as she would with her own laundry because I realized after seeing my roommates in college that there are many variations of folding socks!  Each person has 40 seconds (adjust the time according to the number of socks you have) to fold as many pairs of socks as possible according to the way the mommy to be folds her socks.  Let the fun begin!

Of course, I had to make the mommy a lilsprinkles doll.


Yikes…I gotta get to crafting now!  The Renegade is less than a month away.  June is really kicking my butt right now!!

More baby shower ideas can be found here. and here.

-lil sis