busy, busy, busy = disheveled me.

despite staying up until 1am almost daily and sewing, cutting, ironing with no end in sight, i have managed to keep it all together 🙂 meaning, take care of my twins, go to summer school with them, take them out on outings, eat lunch with lil sis and Lila, hit the gym in the evening, and spend whatever time i have left with my husband (poor guy).  my calendar tells me i have very little time left before the big fiesta but fortunately (for everybody), i am on track.

renegade 006.jpg rs

batch #1

renegade 012.jpg rsbatch #2

taking a break before i start batch #3.

with 26 dolls almost completed, nearly 30 pouches sewn SHUT, lil sis and i are very much looking forward to a break and we’ve already started scheming. what’s next for this sister duo? you’ll have to wait and see!

big sis