Well, you know how I feel about mommies who let their kids wander aimlessly without guidance…BIG pet peeve of mine. But who am I to judge, right? Our teacher from our mommy and me class invited her 2 classes over to her house for a pool party. Inviting 50 2-3 year olds…I would NEVER. There were 5 fathers present and they were immediately designated lifeguards…my husband included. 2 rambunctious 3 year old kids (NO swimgear on)+ mothers chit chatting away, nowhere near their kids = BIG TROUBLE! And that’s exactly what happened. 1 kid went under in the jacuzzi! We don’t know now long he was struggling but I saw him and immediately yelled for help. My husband jumped in. It was the saddest sight. And although he was not mine, I was shook up by the sight. That event scared the mommy straight, so to speak, and she never left his side for the rest of the afternoon. ugh…did it really have to take that incident for the mom to keep her eye on her kid?

Anyways, on a happier note. I am nearly done with my pouches.

renegade pouches 005please excuse the wrinkles. ironing is scheduled for some time next week 🙂

renegade pouches 006

These are one of a kind…did not have the energy or time to make double of these.

I am off to start on my tissue cozies and paperweights!

big sis