10 days and counting…to Renegade, that is. Lil sis and I have been talking, thinking, dreaming, planning for this event for SO LONG and the time has finally come! Yikes! The twins and I have been busy going to summer school. That + non-stop crafting, I don’t really feel like it’s summer. But as my husband likes to remind me, everyday is summer for me. All you stay at home moms know you want to ring his neck! 🙂

I’ve been living in such clutter and chaos

renegade 013

and now that I’m done with my dollies, I am giddily putting things away. Want to see something so pitiful? If you look real close at the picture, you will see a tin Altoids container. That, my friends, is where I store my pins and needles! I know, I get a good laugh at it myself…every time I slide the top down and reach in for my pins. I just have not gotten around to making a pincushion for myself.

renegade 016I am super excited for the summer (post-Renegade and mommy and me summer school). I hope to plan a ton of vacations and at least go on 2 🙂 Lil sis and I talked about swimming at her pool and sadly, we’ve only accomplished this once. So tons of things to look forward to and I CANNOT wait. I hope to post a few more pictures of my completed projects before July 11.

Have a great Wednesday!

big sis