Lil sis and I went through a mock set up Thursday night…almost in the dark, on my driveway. the best part…with sidewalk chalk! All in preparation for today’s REAL set up here. My sis and I…all I can say is why? We are so paranoid that we did not bring one doll! Meanwhile, the other vendors were getting ready with all their products. Hey, if I’m worried that my house is gonna get flooded and sink my dollies, then why would I ever think about leaving them overnight somewhere else. And really, would I be able to get a good night’s rest wondering how they are doing? In all seriousness, those dolls represent 2 months of barely seeing the light of day! OK, I’m exaggerating. but barely seeing our husbands in the evenings b/c we’ve locked ourselves in our craft rooms, barely getting to watch our Tivo’d programs, rarely going to bed before 1 am…all these reasons make us that more paranoid!

Anyways, here’s our lil booth. Lil sis wanted a picture of the “blank canvas” as she calls it but I was too worried about hitting that darn LA traffic that I forgot and started setting up 🙂

renegade booth set up 003 rs

Yes, we drove to LA just to put tablecloths down and hang those darn pom-poms!

I’ve got tons of emotions. Current one: butterflies. Maybe b/c this is the largest craft show we have done. Maybe b/c this will the longest I will be away from my twins. Maybe b/c I wonder if lil sis’ husband will be OK watching Lila for such a long extended time by himself. But come tomorrow morning, it will only be about RENEGADE and having fun and most importantly shopping!

Look for booth 190. You can’t miss it! Just look for those pom-poms!

big sis