We didn’t know what to expect since this was the first time Renegade had the fair in LA and since it was also one of the biggest fairs we have done, but we are so incredibly happy that we joined because it was a great success!

Our lil sis dolls and zipper pouches were a hit!  Good thing big sis made an extra batch of her pouches the last week because they were selling like hotcakes.  We introduced new products that have yet to be debuted on our etsy shop, so stay tuned because we will be listing them in the next weeks to come.

Our setup:

renegade booth 001 rsHmm…notice anything familiar?  The pom-poms from the baby shower made another appearance.  Thank goodness we brought these because we told people who were trying to find our booth to be on the lookout for those pom-poms.

renegade booth 005 rs

renegade booth 008 rs

Button boards didn’t fall once!  Whew!

renegade booth 012Our number one accessory supporter sporting the kimono ponytail rubberbands.  Thank you!

renegade booth 015 rsNotice anything else familiar?  Lila’s garland was used to drape over the entrance, and we got many inquiries about buying it.  Unfortunately, it was just part of our decor…sorry, not for sale. 😦

renegade booth 034Finally, I leave you with a picture of the marching band that came through our aisle on the last day of the fair.  Why a marching band?  I don’t know.  I guess we can thank them because they had a large following, and they stopped to play their music right in front of our booth.  People traffic is always a good thing!

Our custom dolls will be available for sale this week, and dolls will be listed in our shop starting tomorrow.  Funny cause big sis and I both wanted to take a break, but that break will have to be cut short.  Not sure what’s next to come, but I’m sure we’ll be blogging about it.

Thanks to all those who came by and said “hi” and for our friends and family who came out to support us!

-lil sis