I’ve never been the type to splurge.  I think it’s the way I was raised and that is def one of the things I’d like to pass on to my kids. i.e., how to be an “efficient” shopper (yeah, I know…whatever that means!) See, I’m not like my husband, who likes to hem and haw over an item and then eventually buy only to return it a week later. sigh. so. tiring. I’m the one who will look and look and if I find myself thinking about it, I know it’s something I must purchase. so tiring too, I’m sure 🙂 I wasn’t always like this. I’m sure it has to do with me staying at home AND having my kids’ future to think about. Anyways, so when I find something I really like, I get super excited about it!

I purchased a few journals at Renegade and everytime I look at them on my desk, I get so giddy over them.

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How cute are they? They are recycled book covers (plus a few sheets of the actual book pages scattered amongst blank acid free paper) that have been re-bound into a journal/sketchbook.


What a great idea! and seriously, who could resist these classics. They can be found here. I hope I can eventually write/doodle/checklist in them.

So now that Renegade is over, I kinda feel lost. For the past 2 months, I was a mad woman sewing until the wee hours. And now? Gosh. What to do with myself. My house is cleaned. My lovely desk is organized. Yes, the shop needs some updating and lil sis and I are working on that at the moment. My 3 year old son wants a strap for his guitar. WHAT? I’m crafty but WHAT? I’m secretly hoping that he will forget about it just like he did with his cape, mask, KISS costume (WHAT?!). And I’m completely happy with my Altoids box. I think I will give myself a week off before I get to work on items for winter. the things I do to stress myself out.

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