My friends poke fun at me because I like to keep used wrapping paper, bags, ribbon scraps, etc.  You name it!  I can always find a use for them.  Some may think I’m being cheap, but I say I’m going green!

Big sis had to man our booth Sunday afternoon without me while I was off  to attend a wedding at the Four Seasons.  Some highlights of the wedding included the lobster salad, free photobooth (btw, it never gets old making ugly faces at the camera), scrapbooking station (WOW – didn’t spend too much time here though), open premium bar (had my fill on cosmos and tried chambord champagne for the first time), and finally the name card holders.


IMG_3242I stayed until the wee hours of the night dancing to MJ songs and realized while packing up to leave that these adorable name card holders were left on the tables to be thrown away.  Hmmm…I kept thinking would it be so cheesy if I took a handful of them home?  I mean honestly, there were at least 40+ just scattered around on empty tables as most of the guests had left.  I didn’t know what I would need these for, but I thought they were just too precious to be dumped in the trash.  Although I had only a clutch in hand, I was able to take some without people thinking I was a weirdo.  I stashed them in my trusty breastpump bag.  Yes, I brought my pump with me to the fair and to the wedding.  It was a good thing because I ended up being a lifesaver to my friends who didn’t have room in their clutches for their camera, sunglass case, makeup pouch, etc.

Anyhow, I’m happy to say I have found a use for these mini trees!

IMG_3152custom big sis copyOur new backdrop for our pictures!

Go green!

-lil sis