So lil sis and I both agreed that we would take a short break from sewing post-Renegade but after the positive feedback we got from those who visited our booth, our custom doll listings magically appeared in our shop.  So our one week break became obsolete but all for very good reasons. Afterall, one should NOT deprive a lil girl of a dollie! Lil sis worked on a red head with blue eyes.

red head custom

Too cute! We are definitely going to have to experiment with different color eyes on our dolls. Wait a sec…I’m having a deja vu moment.

This lil sis is flying all the way to the UK.

custom lil sis 002

This past week has been busy with convos (aka emails). We have gotten some pretty interesting requests…bride and groom, to make a doll pattern for another shop. Hmmm…unfortunately, lil sis and I have very little time to craft so when we do get that extra hour here and there, it is always for ourselves or the shop. I’m already starting a get a bit nervous for the winter. Lila will be having her very 1st birthday party and you know lil sis is going ALL OUT! We are 4 months away and lil sis has already asked for my help! You can be sure lots of sewing will be involved.

With all the holidays, festivities, shopkeeping…you think it’s too early to start making Halloween and Christmas gift bags for the twins’ classmates? Maybe I should start X-mas shopping. Where are my checklists???

big sis