So I did it. After 4 weeks of “mommy/daddy and me” swim class, I signed my twins up for “preschool” swim class. The ONLY difference is no mommies or daddies go into the pool. It’s sink or swim! We were the oldest ones in the mommy and me class so the teacher encouraged us to move on up. I, of course, prepped the kids all weekend long and they weren’t jumping for joy but said they would do it.

Day 1: they were led down the ramp into the pool by themselves and halfway down, my son begins to sob. Don’t think that it helped that the other kids were repeating the class and my son and daughter were the only ones scared out of their minds. He cried for 25 minutes out of the 30 and almost made himself vomit. At the end, I felt SO bad and it took everything for me not to jump in the pool and drop the class, but hey, MUST cut the umbilical cord at some point right? My daughter who is usually the timid one, did SO well and only whimpered b/c her brother was crying. Very sweet. Now, if I could only stop her from hitting and yelling at him at home!

Day 2: they went willingly to class and again halfway down that darn ramp, my son made THE face…you know, the one where the bottom lip starts to quiver and you just know, just a second later, there will be uncontrollable sobbing. much better with only a few tears and breakfast stayed in their tummies. We shall see how day 3 goes tomorrow.

Anyways, my son, who is 3 by the way, has been in and out of “phases”. He went from trains, to cars, to superheros, to Star Wars (he can even talk like Jabba the Hut), and his current obsession, KISS…the rock band. Don’t ask. Don’t know. Don’t remember. But all day long, he sings “I wanna rock and roll all night and poddy e-vewy-day” while he periodically sticks out his tongue.  He goes through these things in spurts but always comes back…to ALL of them. And how does it affect me? one day he’ll ask me to make him a mask, another day it’ll be a cape, and now he wants me to make him a KISS costume/outfit. What am I? I generally say “ok” and then hope he moves onto something else, which he usually does. But now that the craft fair is over, I have no excuses. Must start so he can check things off his checklist, b/c apparently he has one!

Currently on my desk:

superhero cape 002a reversible superhero cape. b/c you know if I make him a Batman one, he will SOON ask for a Superman one.

I took these tutorials here and here and combined them to get the shape that I liked. Crossing fingers that this will not end up shoved in one of his toy bins only to see the light of day once…sigh.

big sis