So I consider myself a beginner sewer, at best. ok…maybe on the verge of being at an intermediate level. For those of you who don’t know, my sis and I only started sewing when we opened up the shop a year and a half ago. So when I come across a project that I really want to do, I have to do tons of research and studying on it before attempting it. Probably more my personality than being a beginner. Anyways, my twins have been going down their own checklists and asking me to make this and that for them. So when my 3 year old son asked for this

superhero cape 011

I knew my daughter would be right behind him asking for something. Well, ever since Martha Stewart had Heather Ross on her show, I was dying to try out her smocked dress pattern (some people call it shirred, some call it smocked, whatever). My daughter was all for it as long as the fabric had Minnie Mouse ALL over it. DONE!

I watched the segment a few times and read the comments before diving into it, and I was already feeling iffy about it; so many people seem to have problems with the elastic thread and getting the fabric to “smock”. I followed the directions on the elastic thread package and wound the thread tight. My first line failed, did not smock. So tried it again BUT wound it very loose. almost to the point that if you let go of the thread, it would easily unravel. This is what mine looked like.

heather ross smocked dress 011


Here’s what my first line looked like.

heather ross smocked dress 002it smocks a bit on its own

here’s what it looks like after all 6 lines have been done

heather ross smocked dress 004now, this is before you even iron it! smocks quite a bit.

heather ross smocked dress 005end result

She’s wearing it a bit high but that’s b/c we (her and I)  hate it when her straps fall off her shoulders 🙂 I even made some straps with the leftover fabric! My daugther is petite so I only had to purchase 3/4 of a yard. Do you know how proud I am of myself? She has been wearing her dress all day and even told my sis how she could make one for Lila. I am loving it! I may even make one for myself!

big sis

Update: The smocked dress pattern is technically called the Mendocino Sundress.