My love for patchwork continues.  This project is so long overdue!  I made a taggie blanket for Lila last night.  Although I didn’t have a variety of ribbons (mostly grosgrain), I still made one with my limited stash.

She went to town with it today!  What’s up with babies loving tags?  She can spot a tag a mile away.  I’m hoping to make another one but in a flower shape since I have some minky leftover.  One to play with in the car and the other to be kept at home.

IMG_3443I followed Mama’s Doodles tutorial but just made one side patchwork.  The pink dot fabric is minky which is super soft!  The other squares are 100% cotton flannel.

Here is the other side:

IMG_3446Maybe I’ll make a run to Joann’s to get some more ribbon with different textures.  I had to scrounge for ribbons.  I even included some from free ribbon that I got as a gift attached to an Anthropologie present (neon green).  I’m a recycler, remember!

IMG_3445Doesn’t Hello Kitty just make you smile?  My friend once gave me the lowdown on how to spot fake Hello Kitty versus the real thing.  I hope my ribbon portrays the real thing.

This project is ideal because it’s one that can be thrown into the wash time and time again.  I washed it this morning and it came out fine.  If the flower blanket comes out decent, I’ll post 😛  These blankies would be perfect to give as gifts.

-lil sis