All you mommies of boys know, there are far more cuter clothes out there for girls than there are for boys. FACT. OF. LIFE. Maybe b/c boys could care less. Put a shirt and shorts on my son, he is ready for the day. His twin sis, she’s a complete different story. She likes to go through her drawers and search for clothes SHE wants to wear. Never mind it’s almost 90 degrees outside, she will still want to wear her long sleeved Minnie shirt! ugh. AND she’s only 3! yikes! AND contrary to my husband’s beliefs, it is NOT b/c she sees me at the closet saying out loud “I have nothing to wear” while staring at a closet full of clothes and trying on different outfits. Once you have kids and you have to take them to swim class every morning and give them a shower there while trying your best not to get soaked, it’s all about the tank tops and shorts!

So I’ve been on this “sewing high”. I recently discovered a blog, Made, by a detail oriented mommy named Dana. She gives the BEST tutorials, I mean, there are pictures galore for EVERY step. You know it took her FOREVER to put the tutorial together and I can very much appreciate that. I’ve been eyeing her tutorial on the shirt dress but alas, the only shirt my husband says is worthy is at the dry cleaners (and I’ve been too busy/lazy to go pick it up). So I went on to her next tutorial, the market skirt. Can I just say CUTE!

market skirt 011

The colors are a bit muted (for my taste) but what can I say, my daughter insisted this was the fabric her heart desired! Since I’m a newbie to sewing clothes, it took me a bit longer than the 2-3 hours and I would have to say that the pockets were the easiest for me. Partly, b/c I cheated. They are pockets but the buttons (fabric covered buttons made from the leftover seersucker) are purely attached for aesthetic reasons. I had planned on having her wear the skirt for a special day with her grandparents tomorrow but she decided, naturally, that today would be the day.

market skirt 014and how could I resist?

big sis