Lila was born with a full head of hair, and it’s still growing.  Just the other day I was able to tie her hair in a ponytail.  Ahhh the mullet.  Makes me think of my hubby’s love for the hair bands.

I decided to take a quick break from the busyness of our shop.  I made a few hair pins from an alligator clip and snap clips, and it was super easy!  All you need is your material, E-6000 glue or a hot glue gun, and you are ready to go. I’ll be giving a tutorial on the white flower one hopefully sooner than later.


The red polka dot one is a yo-yo with a button in the center. I’m going to have to rethink the size of it. She looks like she’s wearing a funny little hat like the one SJP is wearing. Of course Carrie’s fits her so well…on Lila, not so much.


lil sis