A year and some change has passed. We had no idea how long lil sprinkles would survive when we first opened shop and we can’t imagine our lives now without our lil shop/craft/hobby. We have met so many great and talented people through lil sprinkles and now it’s our turn to say thanks! Thanks for keeping us motivated to sew and keeping our creative juices flowing! We are thrilled that you read our blog despite the nonsense we write, and honored that you come back 🙂

Our big sis, Maddie Sprinkles, has agreed to be our first big giveaway.


She is super excited to find a new home. All you have to do is leave us a comment and let us know which doll in our shop is your favorite! Comments will close Thursday night. We will be using the random number generator to pick a winner this Friday. How easy peasy is that!


Good luck!

big sis and lil sis