Things have finally calmed down. Custom orders have been completed, classes for the twins are completely over, and I can now take a break before mommy-and-me preschool, swim class, and ballet for my daughter begin in a few weeks. To celebrate my mini break, my husband and I are FINALLY taking an overnight trip WITHOUT the kids. I repeat…WITHOUT the kids. We contemplated for some time about when would be the perfect moment but let’s get real, there is NO perfect time to be apart for 2 days from your children. We waited this long for various reasons but mainly, I know how challenging it is to care for two kids who are developmentally at about the same level and whose needs need to be met pretty immediately before meltdowns occur. I was not ready to place this wonderful burden on someone else until now. They are 3, my husband and I have not taken a trip by ourselves for 4 years, and my in laws are ready and willing so…PERFECT TIME. But I must admit, I am a bit worried, a lil sad, and excited all at the same time. I’m sure this will all go away once I am roasting in the sun, drinking cocktails, enjoying a quiet dinner where I can actually chew and taste my food, perhaps watch a movie, and the most exciting part…SLEEP IN PAST 7 AM!

I’m just a tad bit worried…will they miss me? will they cry b/c they want to see me? will they NOT? How sad would that make me!!!??? 🙂

Anyways, I will be back in a few days. hopefully a bit red (b/c I don’t tan that easily), refreshed, and ready to sew!

pouches 058

in the shop.

See you in a few!

big sis