I am totally inspired by people who decorate their homes fabulously and beautifully on a budget.

My favorite place to visit these past weeks has been Goodwill. There are two near my house, and I’m always so tempted to make a quick run in everyday to see if any new knick knacks and furniture have come in. My latest score is this little stool.


It looks drab and a bit sad looking but with a coat of peacock blue or white paint and new ikat upholstery (inspired by Anthro’s ikat bowls) ikat,
I’m hoping it will be a future sitting stool for Lila. For $4 and those cute wooden legs, I snatched it up in a second. Hopefully, I can find some ikat material for a bargain.

My mom gave me another plant – this one is to somewhat hide my diaper genie.


You can still spot the genie. At least it’s not that conspicuous…not like it matters though! Everyone knows I have a baby that goes through 7+ diapers a day!

The pot is just plain plastic, and I went to Target to buy a big terracotta pot and came out with nothing. Sheesh! Those things are expensive. Maybe burlap and some string tied around it will do the trick??


(via Viva Full House)

-lil sis