Funny how things turn out.

Our overnight trip was a blast but we hit a few bumps along the way. So check in was at 4…by the way, doesn’t check in time seem to get later and later? B/c the hotel was at “full capacity” (whatever that means. don’t get me started!), we didn’t get to check in until 6 pm! Do these people not care that this trip was my first one without the kids and they were THIS close to almost ruining the moment!

While sitting in the adult pool area (from 3:00 to about 5:45), sipping on cocktails, munching on yummy appetizers, and basking in the hot sun, my husband and I started to get a bit peeved 🙂 We can both get a bit temperamental that way. C’mon, wouldn’t you? In the end we did receive a few freebies and we were given access to the spa facilities. So Ranchos Las Palmas made up for the crappy start.

aug 16 09 palm springs with j kye 003

It is a beautiful hotel and super kid friendly…only made me miss the twins that much more. They have an area called “Splashtopia” and while it seemed like a lot of fun, there were way TOO many kids. Everywhere you turned, there were kids. It was a bit much for me 🙂

aug 16 09 palm springs with j kye 004And it was the first place we stayed where ducks were everywhere!

Trip was short but sweet. Now if only I could push it 2 nights. One day…

big sis