WORK IN PROGRESS! It’s almost complete with the exception of gluing some areas down (don’t look at the corners, please!) It was my first time using a staple gun, and I wasn’t very good at it! It was nearing the 90’s last weekend and hubs was sweating away sanding down the problem areas and spray painting the ottoman for me in the backyard in the scorching sun. So…when I asked him to help me with the staple gun, he looked at me and said…”Hey, isn’t this your project?” Oh yea. Whoops! He showed me how to use it, and I went staple crazy! There was no rhyme or reason to my spacing of the staples, and I think that caused some problems. Live and learn. It was my first diy project that required real tools!



I wish I could post a real tutorial, but I got anxious about doing this and really skimped out on pictures (sorry leesinapod!). You can find a tutorial here which is what I followed.

Here are the cliff notes version~

Step 1: Remove fabric but be careful about ripping into the existing cushion. Do not follow the picture. Hubs wanted to cut through that thing like it was his birthday present.

Step 2: Keep existing cushion or if the ottoman didn’t come with one, you can buy foam at your local Joann’s.

Step 3: Sand down areas…what areas? Honestly, I simply sanded down areas where I could visibly see extra globs of paint. I didn’t sand down the entire area. Some people say prime. I skipped that.

Step 4: Now on to the spray painting! I used Rustoleum spray paint. $3 at Wal-Mart. Make sure to follow the directions and wait at least 30 minutes before spray painting another coat.


Step 5: Cut about 4 inches extra on all four sides of your fabric. I got 1 yard from Joann’s. Boohoo, no ikat but I ended up liking this design.

Step 6: Use the staple gun to attach the fabric. Very carefully!

And you’re done! Sorry really bad tutorial, but this one and this one at DesignSponge are great to follow!

Actually my last step to completing this is to find a cute knob from Anthro for the drawer like so –

-lil sis