So the winner of this cutie patootie recently sent us an e-mail and we thought it was so sweet that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to “chronicle” it on our blog.

As you probably imagine, this cutest of the cute doll was for my special little one, and this was her reaction when she received it!:

1. What! A package with MY NAME on it!??!

2. Help me open it.

3. Oh, how cute a little card!

4. Wrapped in brown paper with twine! OHHHH

5. OHHHHH again- this is so cute! It looks just like ME!!!!

6. (reading card in little waist pocket on Maddie) Ooooh, and she has a pump case like me too!


8. (running to craft supplies, returning with pipe cleaners) Make her some glasses please, like mine! (I did)

I am so happy, but Marie is THRILLED. I told her that Maddie is like a little new friend for her, she says, AWWWW hee hee hee

Thanks so much, be assured that your creations really brighten people’s days and give kids new little friends. You make a difference!

And sweet Marie did not stop there. A few days later we received this!

maddie card

Thank you Tricia and Marie! So thoughtful of you and we cannot tell you how happy it made us 🙂