So the search for the perfect Halloween costumes is on! I decided to get an “early” start b/c if you remember from last year, my lil son could NOT make up his mind. One day…this. One day…that. I thought that I would be free of all of this stress when the twins said that they wanted to wear their costumes from last year, i.e. Buzz and Minnie. I was THRILLED! All you mommies know how expensive costumes are and what a waste of money they are but again, must. be. done.

My husband took them on a preliminary search this past weekend and I followed up with an outing to THE largest Halloween store I have ever visited. Truth be told, I get a bit scared of all these decorations and although I put my brave face on, did not work. After going down a few aisles, all the spooky noises freaked the kids out and they were asking to go home 🙂

So here’s where we’re at now. My daughter’s current request. And my son’s 3rd request.

The cat one is a bit risque for a 3 year old, in my opinion, and I’m THIS close to thinking I can make hers and tone it down a bit! Wolverine…you’ve got me. I have thought about this over and over and I just don’t know how I could accomplish this without making it look like I threw on a pair of yellow sweats with blue appliques! If you have any ideas, please share.

until then, my search continues…

big sis