No need to spend money on fancy scalloped paper for scrapbooking or for making a garland because it’s pretty darn easy to get the same look by making it yourself. All you need is:

*Plain paper (I just took a piece of paper from my printer – 8 1/2×11)
*Round shaped object to make your scallops (I used a spool of thread)
*Paper for tracing the scallops

1.) Fold your plain piece of paper into a strip. I didn’t do accordian style. I simply kept folding over. You can make your scallops wide by folding into larger strips or make them thin by folding into smaller strips.


2.) I had some extra paper remaining that I just cut off.


3.) Trace your round object on the edge of both sides of the strip. If you don’t have a spool of thread, you can use any object around the house – Tylenol Bottle, bottom of a vase, nail polish bottle, etc. Look in your bathroom…I’m sure you’ll find something!


4.) Cut your scallops


5.) Your paper will look like this


6.) Begin tracing the scallops on your clean sheet of paper.

TIP #1: I didn’t trace directly on my scrapbook paper because I wanted to do a trial run first. I traced on a thicker piece of paper that I now use as my template.
Tip #2: Do not trace on the edges of the paper. Leave enough room so that you can trace the scallops on the sides as well.


7.) When you are ready to make the corners of the scallop, first make a line somewhat down the middle of the last scallop on your pattern (see my line on the white paper). That line should match up against where you stopped your tracing. This will be your guide to make the corner a perfect rounded circle. The corners are tricky so experiment. Maybe use a pencil instead of a pen?


8.) I made a 7×7 square template to make a photo garland.


The end.

P.S. I cut out circles with a scalloped edge as well for the garland, but I just made a template by drawing free hand. I used my square template to guide me, so I don’t really have a tute on that. After her birthday, this bad boy is going straight to her room!

lil sis

**Preview of the treat bags still in major progress**

lil sis