I have been consumed with watching “dramas” on the internet and it has been taking over my life! Literally! I am on the computer from 8:30 pm to almost midnight, then I get things prepped for the next morning, and I’m in bed by 1am! This must stop! I am drained physically and although I have good intentions and have something in my hands that I’m working on, NOTHING gets completed. yikes! What to do! I have made a decision to not go on the computer unless absolutely necessary. Must I be so compulsive?

We have been quite the busy bodies here. We started mommy and me preschool and the verdict is still out for this one. Yes, I’m super organized and can be super anal about things and I rarely meet my kind. And when I do, I’m usually in awe…awe that another species exists! Our teacher…can’t say just yet how I feel about her. I love her for her organization and attention to EVERY SINGLE detail but you know with kids, you just have to let some of that go. Examples are needed to fully understand…on the first day of school we were asked to choose a “job”.

1. bathroom duty: parent must pick up any kind of paper on the floor, make sure toilets are flushed, toilet paper is replenished

2. play area: toys must be put back in their bin, by their color code; toys with wheels must be placed on their side

3. parent must take inventory of all supplies and order as needed

4. there must be 8 different colored crayons in each container, must be stacked on top of one another, and then placed in a bigger container. WTH?

and so forth. On top of these jobs, we have other “jobs” which consists of planning, working, or going outside. I’m telling you…I am back in school! Really, I shouldn’t complain. She is the most sought after teacher and it is extremely hard to get into her class and she has nearly perfect attendance. So, I will have to suck it up and go along for the ride.

On top of preschool, I signed the twins up for swim again. This time around, there are fewer children and much more adults, older adults.


remind you of a movie?

Cocoon! It is a cute sight to see and I can’t wait to get that old and join the senior water aerobics class! So yes, besides being OCD, I am a grandmother at heart!

big sis