for my Mendocino sundress, that is. Let me refresh your memory. So after my daughter’s dress, I really wanted to make one for myself. Yes, summer is technically over but not over here…we are still “blessed” with 90 degree weather. The delay? had the hardest time picking the right fabric. The challenging part is that since I generally order my fabric online, I can never feel the material and see it in a larger scope.

My first choice was anything from Naomi Ito’s line, Nani Iro. So pretty, right? I just could not justify spending $50-75 on 2.5 yards, especially when God only knows what the end result will be 😦 Now, if a professional seamstress agreed to make one for me and not charge me labor, I am ALL for it! My next choice was using linen. But all the wrinkling, hand washing, ironing was such a turn off. Yes, folks, I analyze EVERYTHING with pros and cons and make a final decision. Thus, I rarely have any regrets 🙂 It’s quite tiring, I agree, but it is me. Rambling  done.

Lil sis and I just placed another order with Superbuzzy. And she was telling me about this one fabric by Suzuko Koseki and I knew this would be the perfect print!

flower grid-blue

So what I’m envisioning…the pinstripes would be the bottom (aka, the hem) and the shirred grid would be the top of the dress. Woot! woot! How excited am I? And for the straps…black halter straps. Put a cute lil black cardigan over it and I just know I’ll be able to wear this until AT LEAST November!

Another reason to give me a high five…I finally completed the twins’ “1st year” albums. It only took me 3.5 years but they now EACH have their own album, which includes 40 pages, 80 front and back, and over 300 pictures IN EACH ALBUM. I am FREE AT LAST! I SO wanted to move on to making digital albums until I got caught up but realized that I developed pictures from when they were 1 to almost 2! Do you know what that means? I will have to scrapbook those too! I’m hoping it will only take a year. For now, all must be put away as lil sis and I are gearing up for the holidays.

Sew-fest to begin in 72 hours.

big sis