Yay! I drove to Costco in the pouring rain because I wanted to get a new Brother Sewing Machine while it was on promotion for $30 off. It’s fancy smancy, and I’m loving it! I had to kick my old Brother to the curb because it was causing way too many problems for me. That’s probably what I get for getting one that was reconditioned.

I’m so ecstatic to use the monogram function! I love monograms! I had a monogram on my wedding invite, have a set of monogrammed towels, am in the process of monogramming a big L for Lila’s birthday backdrop, etc. I can totally see myself putting initials on my daughter’s clothes. Is that weird? Too Happy Days-ish? Fine, I’ll first practice on some tea towels.
{via Monogram Inc}

Makes me happy 🙂

-lil sis