10 13 to 18 hawaii 014 rs

I am still jetlagged, if you can believe that. I came to this realization not too long ago…that as you get older, everything just takes twice as long, i.e., to get adjusted to time changes, to recover from partying too hard, staying up sewing!

We had so much fun on our vacation…so much that I’m absolutely dreading going to school with the twins tomorrow. Is that sad or what! I am absolutely thrilled that their swim class is over so I now have 2 days to breathe! Granted, swim classes were only 2 days a week for 30 min but if you think about it, it’s really all morning long. I need to get the kids ready, get towels and change of clothes ready, prep them for their class (ex “follow the teacher’s instructions” “hold on with both hands” “blow bubbles out of your nose” etc. Such a nag, huh? as if they wouldn’t learn that on their own! 🙂 Not to mention…shower them, lotion them, change them, snack them, then come home and prep lunch! You see why I’m so happy?

Anyhow, don’t know how we got to the airport…it really is all a blur. Our flight was early in the morning and my in-laws were coming with so imagine this…4 adults, 2 kids, 2 carseats for the kids, 2 carseats to take and leave in Hawaii, 1 large suitcase, 3 small suitcases, and 1 double stroller! and not in a minivan! in a SUV! I, of course, was in the back row and could not sit up straight b/c I had a suitcase sitting on my back! What people do to save $40 for a taxi! I think if I was awake, I would have mind but since I was out of it, I barely felt the pain…the pain of one of the tires digging into my back. and again if I was fully awake, I’m sure I would have had the energy to readjust the suitcase but was too tired. cracks me up thinking about it!

The plane ride going to and from was a piece of cake! I love how my twins are older and so easily amused by anything they can watch on ANY kind of screen…airplane screen, iphone (yes, my husband downloaded movies as a back up), and computer. We were prepared! There would be NO meltdowns despite skipping naps and waking up at the crack of a**!

Highlights from trip:

1. Hanauma Bay. This was on the top of the list. We were NOT going to miss this. I have missed it MANY times in the past…b/c husband and I got burnt and couldn’t bear being in the sun for another day, b/c twins were too young, etc. Worth it to go at least once.

10 13 to 18 hawaii 019 rs

2. Spending time with their great grandmother! Sshh…don’t tell her that she came in 2nd!

3. Eating tons of local food! The best saimin (noodles) at Shige’s, malasadas (donuts) at Leanord’s, kahlua pork, lau lau, lomi at Jackie’s, and all the sweets! And let’s not forget Pacific Beach’s buffet. No pictures, sorry.

4. Swimming! The kids are so much more comfortable in the water that the husband and I barely had to be in the water (yes, despite my dislike of taking them everyday in the summer and twice a week in the fall, the classes paid off. Even I will admit that!).

10 13 to 18 hawaii 045 rs

It was great to get away and spend time with family. It was wonderful to see the kids have so much fun despite it being very tiring for us. We joke that it didn’t really feel like a vacation for us but guess that’s just life with toddlers! There are lots more activities that I’d like to do when we go back. It was so hard to squeeze everything in in 6 days.

It is nice to be back home. and especially nice to come back home to a long list of things to do! Time to crawl back into my hole and get ready for Unique LA!

big sis