So I finally finished up my daughter’s costume. Remember, she wanted to be this. Well, I was not going to pay $69 for it so I went out, bought all the material, and made a modified version.

cat costume 005 rs

I added hot pink sequins to the ears just to jazz it up and also added a ruffle collar. I had added another layer of ruffles and was going to add some ruffles to the bottom of her sleeves when I realized that stitching them on the shirt prevents the shirt from stretching. Not a good thing when the shirt is suppose to be form fitting so it does not give at all. Cute idea…out the door.

cat costume 006 rs

Her skirt, I LOVE! Added the hot pink bow to match her ears. Tail is a skinny boa that I wrapped around pipe cleaners to give some shape.

cat costume 007 rs


Can I just tell you how happy that makes me? and if you really want to get technical, she could wear the shirt all winter which would bring down the cost from $14 to $9! woot! woot! Personally, I think it’s cuter than PBK’s šŸ™‚ Hey, but that’s just me!

I also purchased some ALOT of extra tulle to make a skirt for myself. NOT BY CHOICE. My sweet daughter SO wants me to dress up as the “mommy cat”. I had purchased everything awhile ago and only started on my skirt this weekend. To my horror, I ran out of tulle and wouldn’t you know…so did Joann’s. I freaked out a lil bit before realizing that if I cinch the elastic some more, it would hide the bare spots. Hopefully, I’ll be able to breathe but whatever! I only have to be short of breath for a few hours at a time! (I will wearing this to our mommy and me preschool and Halloween evening. I hope to not pass out from lack of oxygen!) I am so excited that Halloween is finally here! Cannot wait to get the kids all dressed up. My husband (who is SO not the type) even said that he was going to dress up as Woody (son will be Buzz) but alas, he was not willing to spend $90 on a vinyl one piece. Personally, I think he’s happy that he doesn’t have to get dressed up! and my son didn’t have his heart on having a partner-in-crime which saves me from making a costume for the hubs. phew! So all is good in the world. at least in ours! Goodie bags have been made, tags have been attached. Now the only thing I have left to do is bake and make some homemade treats. It’s a lil sad b/c the school is being very strict on not bringing homemade food to school. I understand but still… So I will be the one standing outside the door of the school with my basket of goodies and pleading to the parents to take a treat.

big sis