Who knew October was going to be such a busy month?! from vacation to pumpkin patches to everything else related to Halloween. and you wonder why I have barely made any progress on my inventory for Unique LA. Someone will be paying the price come November.

Yesterday was filled with TONS of stuff to do in prep for today…the costume party at preschool. Cookies needed to be baked and pumpkin shaped rice krispy treats needed to be made. On top of that, I decided that it would be pumpkin carving day! All this was done while the twins are fighting off some kind of illness. I strive on a lil bit of stress…not this much. Needless to say, everything was completed and enjoyed!

It is so wonderful to see how kids develop over the years while participating in “traditions”. The first year of pumpkin carving was done in the evening by myself and I believe it took me 3 hours! It was WAY over-ambitious and they DID NOT know or care to see an intricate design on a pumpkin! The 2nd year…they were a bit interested but not enough where they wanted to help. Well, this year, it was ALL hands on. I had to really keep an eye on my son b/c he wanted to use EVERY sharp tool to just poke at the pumpkin…never mind stay in the lines 🙂 I had to keep everything very simple and quick. We got through it in one piece, no bandaids needed. I wonder how next year will be…when they are 4. Gosh, that sounds so old! Anyways, I just wanted to wish you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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