Two weeks left till Lila’s 1st Birthday.

One month left till Unique LA.

What do I work on first?  The answer should be the birthday party, but I find myself flip flopping between the two.   That’s my style…start something new everyday and just hope that at the end of it all, I’ll have finish what I started.

My craft area has slowly taken over the guest bedroom.  Everything is laid out on the bed, and I swear I stare at this area every night wondering when I’ll be able to complete everything.


Here are some of the lil sis dolls I have stuffed, and you can see they’re laying on the birthday banner. I still have a pile of doll bodies next to my sewing machine waiting to be armed & legged.  The banner is yet to be completed.  I’m 95% done…just one last hem needs to be sewn.  Why do I do this to myself?  I could just sew the darn thing and then move it aside, but…BUT nothing.  It’s just the way I work.  I’ll do it tomorrow 🙂

-lil sis