barely. No, I did not have the swine flu…just a cold. but this one hit me hard. Let me take you down memory lane…college. finals week. stay up as late as you can and cram in whatever your brain will absorb. complete all your exams. your reward? get sick during the break. I swear, this always happened to me! So, this Halloween was my finals week. I’m so grateful that my body was able to keep it together until Nov. 1!

So, with bedtime being moved from 1 am to 10:30 pm, low grade fevers in between, and cough attacks so severe that I contemplated wearing a diaper (sorry, TMI), I. AM. SO. FAR. BEHIND. MY. SCHEDULE! Getting sick just does not fit into this schedule of mine.

Well, now that I am almost 100%, I am in full blown think, eat, breathe, dream dolls-mode. And look what I found at my local Joann’s.

hello kittyI KNOW!!! How cute is that?!

Think of what I can create with this cuteness! If only I could have 2 more weeks to craft. 4 weeks left until Unique LA. yikes!

big sis