I can’t believe it’s all over. It happened so quickly, and I REALLY HOPE that I don’t have that stressed look on my face in all the pictures. Some things went awry, but at the end, I was just super grateful my baby had fun and she didn’t have a complete meltdown. I gotta say, that was my WORST FEAR! It wasn’t that one of my vendors wasn’t going to show or that I would forget something really important, but it was that she would enjoy herself and not get spooked with all the people and the craziness of the event.  The hubs literally woke her up 20 minutes prior to the birthday to get her dressed and ready to be taken to her party, so I think her 1.5 hr afternoon nap saved the day…not to mention the bubble show and the red velvet cupcake I let her nibble on right before she started arching her back.  (After the back arch, comes the tears!)

Big sis was able to take a few shots, but I’ll be sure to post more pics once I get them from my photog.

The head table.  See the banner!  Big sis and I saved up a ton of 40% coupons months before so I could buy fake hydrangeas to make the monogram.  It only took about 5 large stems, but those things are not cheap.  I detached all the petals and used my hot glue gun to secure them on the white fabric (cotton broadcloth), which only cost me about $5 for two yards. 

Favor bags. 

  • White paper bags:  FREE!  Big sis’ mother in law happened to have like a hundred of these bags, so she didn’t mind me taking a handful!
  • Green “grass”: $1.60/green wrapping paper roll at Michaels (with coupons).  I used two rolls to make 18.  Got the idea from here.  Gotta love Martha!
  • Ladybug wooden clips: $8 on ebay.  The shipping alone was almost the same price as the clips! 
  • Contents inside:  mini play doh (Target after Halloween sale), fruit jelly/fruit snacks (Costco), ladybug bubbles, insect finger puppets, and mini insect erasers.  The rest of the items came from Oriental Trading Company.

Big sis bought Lila the cutest stamp that looks exactly like her!  It’s personalized with her name too.  I’m def going to be using that for future parties!  Click on above photo to enlarge to see what my lil girl looks like!  🙂

The cupcakes.  JustJenn, thank you!  In lieu of birthday cake, I had birthday cupcakes.  Red velvet cupcakes to be exact!  Yum, yum!  Jenn did an awesome job making 120 cupcakes – some with fondant ladybugs, some with sparkly frosting with fondant polka dots, and some with pink sanding sugar frosting.  Closeups/more pics can be found here.

Sis and hubs helped me with the cupcake toppers.  Making 60 wasn’t so bad, esp since we had an assembly line going while watching tv.

That’s all the pictures for now.  🙂  I’ll post more as I get them.  Looking forward to spending more time with the in-laws and to sewing.  I thought I could relax a bit, but I forgot there is only a few weeks left till Unique.  Yay, Baby Eggi and Misha Lulu will be there!!!! 

P.S.  Thank you to allllll of my family and friends for helping out!!!!  ❤ you!

-lil sis