So I am still battling this cough of mine. Yes, it has lasted almost 3 WHOLE weeks and after another heavy dose of antibiotics, it is SLOWLY going away. That’s the positive. The negative? I am working at a snail’s pace. I have been sorta sending myself to bed a bit earlier than the norm. Actually alot earlier…from 1 am to now 11:30 or 12. Yes, it is still late but I have so much to do that I can’t seem to go to bed without thoughts running in my head until a certain amount of work is done. OCD at its best. Yes, I’m sure I can get meds for that too. But thankfully, this is only temporary…1.5 weeks of insanity I can handle.

I have so much to do that I’ve/we’ve been skipping preschool! It sure is nice to have a few extra days to run errands and take care of everything before Thanksgiving and Unique LA. Haven’t been updating the blog for this reason. So much to write and show but it is on the bottom of my checklist. Hopefully, I can find a definitive answer as to why this cough is persisting and causing such pain in my body that I literally feel like an old woman!

Anyways, here’s one girl I was able to finally finish.

This is for all the USC freaks fans out there 😉 Don’t worry, I’m covered. I’m an alumni…sheesh!

big sis