Crunch time. Less than 1 week away from Unique LA and I am losing steam big time. I’ve been working non-stop for the past 1.5 months despite being sick for 3 weeks in between and I’m getting a bit nervous about it all. Always do, never changes. It’s a good thing. means I’m excited 🙂

33 dolls have been completed. I did not have the energy to make any paperweight dolls but lil sis is making up for it, thank goodness. I must admit that these girls seem to be the most detailed ones I have made so far. Perhaps, that is the reason why it took FOREVER to complete. I tried my best to take good pictures but I am now considering the fact that it is not me alone who is at fault; it is time to upgrade cameras. ugh.

Still left on my list: hair accessories and lil sis and I will be working on a new project this Tuesday. Yes, 4 days before Unique LA. sigh. That was the only time we could squeeze in a “craft session”.

Until I can take better pictures of the limited edition dolls, these girls will have to do…

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

big sis