Cheese-ola, I know. couldn’t resist. So remember I found this fantastic fabric at Joann’s. I had something envisioned but didn’t know if I could pull it off. It took me days of pondering and drawing it out and this is what I came up with.

This big sis is my favorite doll by far! I LOVED Hello Kitty as a child and can still very much appreciate it. AND I especially love that my daughter loves her too! Her hat is completely removable! yikes! I am in love with her!!! Will I be able to let her go? and just to show you how messed up my picture taking skills are…but I still wanted to show you her “complete” look so you can appreciate her with me 🙂

I wanted “natural” light and extreme sunlight is what I got! Can you see the beams of ray. ugh. too late to retake pictures. need to move on…

Can’t wait to show you what lil sis and I worked on today!!! My house was a zoo! Two 3.5-year-olds running around, taking toys out EVERYWHERE and one 1-year-old trying to put it ALL in her mouth (she’s teething again)….while lil sis and I worked in the corners of the rooms (I was in the kitchen, she was in the living room just so we could cover all bases!) so that the kids were nowhere near the scissors, blades, and papers! It’s no wonder we hardly got anything done. Is this how my life would be if we added one more to our mix?

more to come…

big sis