ok, so i lied. tonight’s post will be my last 🙂

need to process my thoughts so here i am to ramble to you all. lil sis and i partially set up our booth this afternoon. my mom agreed to watch my kids (who are 3.5 so… pretty much self sufficient and will tell grandma what she is doing wrong). neither of us thought that she would be able to watch lila (who is 1) in addition to the twins but after packing up the car and seeing lila all excited to see her cousins, my mom agreed to watch all 3. yikes!

why…oh why…load in areas/freight elevators…ugh. we initially waited in line IN the car and bc we had a tight schedule and didn’t want my mom to have a breakdown, i decided that i would unload the 6 foot table alone. ALONE! good thing i had my gardening gloves with me. haha! i took that table through the load-in garage, up a freakin’ ramp, up the freight elevator, across the penthouse floor and to our booth. ya think someone offered to help lil ol’ me?! thank god for those turbo kick boxing classes! lil sis didn’t have it easy either…she balanced several boxes on top of my handy dandy crate and attempted to take them up 2 different elevators. well, she got stuck at the 1st elevator when everything decided to topple over and some MAN had the nerve to ask her “you didn’t rope it?” and walked away. SOME PEOPLE!

we finally made it to our booth and partially set it up. our paranoia kicked in again and we agreed to not bring any of our dolls. BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW! We literally rushed to do everything and both of us had our kids on our minds so needless to say, I don’t feel as prepared as I’d like but what are you gonna do?

I am, however, super excited because Baby Eggi is a few booths down. And at the last Unique LA, they were selling their items for $5!

I have a magazine and manicure waiting for me. I’m going to veg until my butt gets numb.

hope to see you tomorrow or sunday. and if you do stop by, say “hi”!

big sis