The reason for our absence….we’ve been SWAMPED. Let’s back up and do a quick recap of Unique LA.  LOTS of people! 6,000 people attended the first day! Great fun but it was ALOT of work for lil sis and I. Would we do it again? sigh…not sure. It was a rough 1.5 months for us and we really tried to make an abundance of dolls. We came back with quite a few and from the moment they went into our shop, we have been working like madwoman again! We agreed to take on a few custom orders which ended up being 6 new dolls, and have been making DAILY trips to the post office. some with the kids and some without. On the days that one of us watches over the 3 youngins and the other runs to the post office, it is like a race to the end. Ya see, we do all of the craziness after nap time, which turns out to be around 3:30-4 and my post office closes at 4:30. So it is serious business! There is no messing around; it is straight baton passing! haha! our kids must think we are NUTS!

Anyhow, things have settled down for me. YAY! I finished up my custom order today and I am all ready to make my trip to the lovely post office. Good times!

In the midst of all this craziness, my husband and I managed to get a tree (sadly…not my Nordmann Fir that I ❤ so much), get it decorated, decorate the inside of the house, hire a painter, and get most of my Christmas shopping done. phew! I am looking forward to much needed rest and time with family. This week will be the last week of mommy and me preschool. I have been so busy that I didn’t get to make goodie bags for the kids’ friends. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law! Let’s see if I can make some Christmas-y rice krispy treat lollies.

Before I say good night, I just wanted to share a lil secret with you. And really, I shouldn’t…well, b/c I want to better my chances of winning 🙂 but it is SO DARN cute and since it is the giving season, I’ll let you in. Our friend, JustJENN is having a giveaway on her recipe blog. If you love all things cute and small and CUTE, you will LOVE this giveaway of bento supplies! Go over and check it out!

big sis