Tonight is the first night in a LONG time that I get to do NOTHING! absolutely NOTHING! It’s an odd feeling b/c I haven’t had this kind of time to myself for so long. I asked my husband, “what should I do?”. I suppose I could watch TV but my hands would be bored, empty!

It is definitely a good time to relax. I am almost done with my Xmas shopping and all my presents thus far have been wrapped and placed neatly under the tree. Such a good feeling.

The other day, my sis with our children of course, made our annual trip to Knott’s. It is so small in comparison to Disneyland and so less crowded that we were able to ride all the kiddy rides in less than 3 hours. My twins are at such a fun age where they are willing to venture a bit on their own and ride the rides alone. No mommy needed. and sometimes that’s a good thing!

I am super excited that we are on winter break (from mommy and me preschool). This means I can start napping again with the kids, thinking about personal crafts I’d like to make, hopefully start the twins’ “2nd year” scrapbooks, and run around the city aimlessly. LOVE it and can’t wait! Hopefully, I won’t turn into a big slug!

big sis