San Diego or Vegas? Vegas or San Diego? The Zoo or Rio Seafood Buffet? We finally booked our getaway, and Vegas it is! It will be Lila’s first trip, and I’m getting super excited as it gets closer!

Like big sis said in all of her previous posts, the months leading up to the fair were just chaotic. The month after the fair was just as busy because we were literally going to the post office everyday. By the way, thank you to those who bought our dolls to give as Christmas presents to loved ones.  🙂

Anyhow, I was in desperate need to just relax and unwind, so we decided Vegas would be the perfect spot. City Center in Vegas had its Grand Opening this month, and we booked two nights at Vdara. They have AWESOME deals going on right now, so if you’re wondering where to stay in Vegas, you should totally check out City Center. Vdara is a non-smoking, all suite hotel…with kitchens might I add! I’ll be needing a crib, so I’m anticipating to get a newer looking one since the hotel has only been opened for a few weeks? After watching a 20/20 special on “How Dirty is your Hotel Room?”, I’m super cautious about certain things – removing the comforter, not walking barefoot esp in the bathroom, cleaning the remote and phone prior to use. I’m going to have to watch Lila like a hawk since she is walking AND putting everything in her mouth. I mean EVERYTHING!

How will it be? I’m kinda nervous but so excited to take her on a mini trip. We need some practice before our Chicago trip next year! Although the hubs and I are limited to what we can do, we know we’re def going to have to check off eating at the Seafood Buffet, massage for me, playing poker (for the first time) for hubs, and lots and lots of pictures!

I’ll make sure to post pics of the place and give my two cents about the hotel next week!

-lil sis