Lights have been hung, presents are all wrapped, goodie bags for each family completed, my contribution (appetizer, entree, and dessert) for our family Christmas party tonight have been made…so all is good. EXCEPT I cannot shake this irritated feeling! ugh! My husband is not much help and I’m sure lil sis is done with hearing about it too so I’ve come to you. And if you don’t want to hear a long drawn out story, you can, of course, close me out and my feelings will not be hurt 🙂

So it all started yesterday afternoon when I was taking in my trash bins and noticed that one of my shrubs was half gone…meaning, the branches of half the shrub were nonexistent! I took a closer look and found that the branches were smashed into the dirt. Now, if you’ve followed this blog, you know how crazy I am. I must do tons of research before I start any new project, I get emotionally attached to things b/c it takes me awhile to fully commit, and I take care of my possessions. This applies to my garden. I, by no means, have a green thumb so when I spend money to buy plants for my garden it is quite an ordeal. And when they don’t die, it is a thrill! My neighbors, on the other hand, are the opposites (based on my observations) and while my husband gets annoyed with their antics, I find myself sticking up for them. don’t know why. I have a tiny tiny soft spot for them. So when they would park a few inches away from the shrub banging their car door against it, I said nothing. When they asked to park on our driveway while we were living in a hotel (house got flooded) and they didn’t think of moving it when contractors would arrive, I said nothing. When the wife started to plant weeds in our planter (half is on their property), I said nothing. When they would bring their grandchildren outside to play with my twins and then go inside their house WITHOUT their grandchildren (who are 2 and 5), I said nothing. So sure, maybe I let too many things go. But in my mind, I was able to overlook these things b/c they have been our neighbors for the past 6 years. And isn’t that what neighbors do for one another???

After seeing the broken branches, I was appalled. I knew what happened b/c I could see the tire tracks. The wife was unable to reverse out of her driveway b/c they park 3 cars in a 2 car space and RAN OVER THE SHRUB COMPLETELY! No, she didn’t stop when she felt that she had hit something, she KEPT GOING! I immediately went to their house only to find that no one was home. So I thought. I swear I saw a shadow and curtains moving. I felt bad for the shrub, I was upset at the situation, and hurt that she could not even come to me to tell me her wrongdoing. Wait a sec…it only gets worse. I had removed the snapped branches and placed them near the planter to show my husband. When he got home, there were no branches to be found. The evidence had disappeared…well, with the exception of half the shrub missing. My husband spoke to the wife and husband and the husband immediately became defensive, stating that half the shrub was on his property AND that accidents can happen and may happen again! The wife admitted her fault and apologized. It still left me with a bad feeling.

Today, the wife came over with a peace offering and again apologized. Yes, it should be over by now and I should just let it go. Except something is still eating at me. It takes alot for me to turn my back on someone but when that finally happens, there is rarely a return. Even I acknowledge that. And sad to say, but I think I am there with them now. sigh. We were never friends, merely neighbors (big age gap + language barrier) but it’s still sad.

I do hope that I snap out of this funk soon.

On a happpier note…lil sis and I allowed the kids to open up 1 gift each…b/c we’re SO impatient like that! 🙂 and this is what my sis got the twins.

his and hers mic sets

If only you hear the craziness that’s going on at my house.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!! May your house be filled with lots of love, laughter, and happiness! May you eat until you feel like you’re going to vomit (oh, is that just me?). Most importantly, may you treasure the time with your loved ones!

big sis