I think I’m getting cheesier as I get older? sigh…

I have a baby shower coming up and of course, I wanted to include something handmade. I thought about making her a nursing cover but that’s such a difficult one…will she nurse? what if she has difficulty and will the cover be a reminder of what she hasn’t been able to do? what if she just wants to formula feed…will she feel as if I WANT her to nurse? I know…over-thinking it but the whole nursing experience can be a touchy subject for some. SO…I came across these cloth baby shoes from Stardust Shoes. So cute! and So easy!

And you know I couldn’t just stop at 1 pair.

I had to enlarge the pattern and make one for Lila.

And then REALLY enlarge it to make a pair for my twins!

I wanted them to be soft inside so I used 2 layers of fleece for the sole. BUT I forgot about our wood floors and what do you think will happen when the soft fleece “bootie” hits the wood floor. According to my husband, one could “break their head wide open”. Lil sis gave me an idea…

Since my son and Lila’s feet tend to get a bit…ahem…sweaty, this was perfect! Just cut out a hole in the sole! How ingenious is that! When enlarging the pattern to fit 3-4 year olds, you MUST adjust the width. Even now, my twins’ booties are quite wide and “pancake” like. Fortunately, they don’t mind. phew.

I’m off to make more dolls. I’ve been working on this one doll since last night and have to had take her apart and put her back together, cinch her here, cinch there, cut, pray that she’ll be OK, and I finally decided it’s enough. At some point, you must admit defeat and start ALL OVER!

big sis

p.s. now that I think about it…I don’t know if she reads this blog. If you do, can you please let me know so that I don’t post anything else until after your shower 🙂