Acorns…never really thought much about them. that is, until my grandmother would go searching for them! AND I mean HUNT for them. If and when she found an acorn tree, she would haul a** to go and collect them and come back with bags…never mind, she didn’t drive! The funniest would be when she would take all her lil ol’ lady friends to go and collect them with her.

All done to make one dish. It would take her hours smashing them, peeling them, boiling them, so forth. Now that she’s no longer with us, whenever I see acorns, I am immediately reminded of her. The weird thing is that it is quite difficult to find acorn trees in our city. Well…so I thought. All along the street of our mommy-and-me preschool, there are acorn trees! And then I see this from Dana

image taken from Dana-made-it

She has a great tutorial on how to make this acorn wreath. and you can spray paint it all different colors to fit all seasons/holidays! The only problem is I would DIE (OK, so I wouldn’t really, but I would SO FREAK OUT!!!) if I found maggots anywhere near me and even though Dana prevented this from occurring by baking them, there is still the what if… Oh, my gosh! just thinking about it makes me cringe! So that’s my dilemma. Yes, I should take it as a “sign” that I was meant to make one 🙂 from my grandmother’s love for acorns, to the acorn trees that line the streets of the preschool, to finding Dana’s tutorial. We shall see.

It would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

big sis