The hubs and I have one to use on the plane, so I had to make sure she had one too. She’s prob too young to be using one of these, but I figured it could come in handy on our 10 hour flight and for any future trips. I followed this tutorial from Jellywares, and the size was perfect for my daughter, who is 13 months.

Big sis scored some lovely Hello Kitty fabric and ended up purchasing the whole bolt to share with me! Yay! One side of the pillow is HK Cotton and the other side is pink minky dot fabric. So soft! I followed the tute and added a ribbon loop so I could have the option of clipping this somewhere or hanging it in the car.

Normally she hates hats and she’s always taking off her socks, so I thought for sure she would resist if I put this around her neck. To my surprise, she was fine with keeping this on!

Hopefully it will come in handy because I really don’t want to regret adding this to the other gazillion things I’m carrying on the plane. I’m crossing my fingers our flight won’t get delayed. Please rain, go away by this Saturday!!!

-lil sis